Word Count Review

Routine seems to be the basis of all things repetitive. If I know I have writing to do, then completing this activity on the same days, at around the same time – even between the same other regular tasks – is a means to accomplish it. Therefore, I’m managed to complete approximately 4,200 words in the last week with a couple of fairly decent writing totals during the days when I was able to write.

Word Count charts as of start of 12th January 2013

I am so close to completing this novel that I feel confident that by the end of the month I’ll be able to put it away for a while to rest. It’s quite exciting to think that I am planning to finish my second novel within three months of writing the last word on the first one.

One thing I am learning as I am coming to climax of this story is that my writing of action – or lack thereof – needs to be addressed. I’m very good at having my characters reflect on their actions and describe what is happening, but I still don’t feel I am quite picking up the pace of the adventure. Perhaps it does come slowly when in the process of writing and I might be hopeful that the action does come across in the reading. Still, I think before I come back to this novel I might have to consider analysing some other action scenes from published novels to see what it is that makes them successful. That’s one area that I know I will need to concentrate on.

Other than a few additional twists and turns that I have added, I’m much more confident that the NaNo #2 manuscript will be a more cohesive first read than NaNo #1. Hopefully that is because I learned lessons from NaNoWriMo 2012 about planning and pace. The fact that it’s taken me three months to complete a first draft this time around, as oppose to eleven months, means that at least I must have gotten better at knowing where my story was going and being able to successfully problem solve as I was writing (as oppose to not writing for three months, or labouring over it for two months).

I’m looking forward to getting back to NaNo #1 and starting the initial edits. Such excitement is helping me power through the ending for NaNo #2 – as the closer I get to finishing, the more I think of being able to read NaNo #1 after three months away from it as a reward rather than another task. It will be a revelation to read something I have written over the course of a year and see how it developed.

For the moment though, I just need to focus on those final chapters of NaNo #2: tidying up the various messes left from the big climax and making sure I end without leaving any gaping plot holes. It will be nice to leave my characters with some hope, some peace and allow them to ‘get on with their lives’ so to speak. It seems like I’m coming to the natural end point for this story, and it feels right to close the page on my characters as I’ve determined. Let’s hope it works out that way in practice.


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