Does Writer’s Confidence come with the 2nd Novel?

I have completed the first draft of my second novel.

A year ago I would hardly have believed I could write the manuscript for one potential novel, never mind two. Yet, here I sit, in my usual writing spot (on the sofa, feet up, laptop balanced on a tray on my knee wearing my luxurious Slanket) having written ‘The End’ on my second endeavour in the novel writing world.

It doesn’t quite feel as exhilarating as the first time around. It is of no less an achievement. It may even be a slightly greater, given that some often don’t even finish a first, and those that do may never go on to write a second. Still, I’m not jumping up and down, screaming it from the rooftops and informing everyone who has had to put up with my writerly ways; which is pretty much what I did last time. Only three months ago – it feels like three years ago!

It has affected my confidence in quite a dramatic sense, however. Suddenly I actually believe I can write novels. This may be somewhat misplaced – since I’m only 60 pages into reading my first foray into the novel writing business – but I feel that I’m over the biggest hurdle. I have proven to myself that I can sit down and write. I have even managed to create some form of story, along with characters and conflict and even possibly a little bit of plot.

Perhaps now comes the hard part: critiquing my own work and rewriting what doesn’t work.

Still, nothing can take away from the fact that I have finished writing two novels. I’m not claiming they’re good novels, but they’re still novels. And I wrote them. Go me. 8o)


14 responses to “Does Writer’s Confidence come with the 2nd Novel?

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  3. Congratulations! 🙂

    I totally believe there is more confidence in completing the second novel. You know what to expect this time and you know how to jump in and start revisions. 🙂

    • Thanks CB.
      Revisions are challenging. I feel like I know what needs to be done, but then once the changes are made I’m still not 100% confident that it’s ‘right’.
      Live and learn I guess. As long as I’m still enjoying that – that’s the important thing.
      Take Care, Cat

    • Thanks for your support! I get the feeling that I may not enjoy the process of discovering HOW to edit – so if you have any tips to make it manageable or more fun, I’m all ears (should that be ‘eyes’ in the ether-world of blogs?).
      Any help gratefully received.
      Take Care, Cat

      • You are a right it’s a discovery. Look around the internet on various things, narration, verb tense, use of adverbs and adjectives, dialogue, action, conflict, consistency in story line, completing story arcs, length of story, formatting, and so many other things.

        I prefer to say what you should look at rather than what to do in each case. We are all different, with our own style of writing. Find what works for you. The one thing I will say is… I wrote the first draft in four months, and I’ve been editing for 18, sometimes 60-70 hours a week. In time, you get so used to it that when you read a book, your brain will start editing it. 😉

        Best wishes!

  4. Many congratulations on completing your 2nd novel. I’m not so disciplined when it comes to the editing and redrafting. My first novel from last year is still waiting to be looked at again. The very best of luck with your redrafting.. and maybe planning for novel number three?

    • Thanks EmmaMc. I think I might end up the same. Editing and redrafting has never been something I’ve particularly done, so it’s a whole new skill to learn.

      Novel number three…oh yes. NaNoWriMo 2013 will either be the sequel/prequel to NaNo #1 or be a potential chick lit about a kidnapped bride….Choices, choices!

      Think I’m going to need all the luck I can get. Thanks for commenting – any further tips would be most gratefully received.

      Take Care,

  5. Huge congratulations on getting it finished. So impressed (and a little jealous – although I aim to follow you once life calms down a bit).

    You must feel so relieved. Looking forward to the challenge of editing and redrafting?

    • Hmm, a little relieved but now it’s on to the mammoth task of making them readable novels…Not sure how I feel about editing and rewriting: it already feels like I’ve done so much!

      Hope the move goes well. See you soon. Cat

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