Writers don’t just write…

I’ve had a really great week and feel as though I have achieved a lot. Strangely I don’t feel that I’ve done a lot of writing, though adding it up I’ve written almost 6,000 words during the week – which surprises me. I suppose because it hasn’t all been on one project it has seemed disparate. I’ve also done a lot more reading this week, therefore the focus has perhaps been away from writing in the main.

To-do List Review

January 21st – 27th 

1. Complete first draft of NaNo #2 – As posted on Wednesday I completed the first draft of NaNo #2 with a one day writing total of 2,600 words! Once I sat down with the intention of finishing it, I couldn’t stop writing until I reached the end. 

2. Write a first draft of a Short Story for the Bingo Competition – I have written an initial first draft, but since doing so I’ve discovered the idea I based it on does not ring true: it also feels a little TOO Bingo-focused. Therefore I have started another story based on a different idea. I also have a third possible option that I’m quite enamoured with. To say that I considered the topic quite challenging I’m fairly pleased that I’ve managed to identify a number of possible stories to tell on the theme of ‘Bingo’. 

3. Read-through 30 pages of NaNo #1 and make initial comments – I managed twice this amount at 60 pages thanks to a long wait at the Doctors. I’m beginning to identify the initial issues with NaNo #1 and where I will need to concentrate the largest of my re-writing efforts before being able to make more minor edits.

4. Write three blog posts  – Having no active writing on novels going on I’m quite enjoying the opportunity to write about the editing process. It’s certainly making me think about what part of the process I want to reflect on and allowing me the time to do so.

5. Read/analyse three short stories from different genres – I made the decision to choose stories that had been short-listed or placed in competitions thinking that this might provide me with the chance to understand why certain pieces had been chosen for potential prizes. I printed out two of the short-listed stories from the 2012 Costa Short Story Award: Don’t try this at Home and Mown Grass. I also found a winning story printed by The Newcastle Herald called A Week Off at Christmas. I’m planning to use one of my upcoming posts to share my thoughts on these. 

If this week has taught me anything, I’m learning that being a writer isn’t just about writing. Editing is possibly an even larger part of writing than getting the words on the page in the first place. I’ve always loved writing, but editing is something I’ve never really done before. Perhaps this is a true test of if I’m really a writer.

So, what about the next week – should my focus be back on writing, or just as much on reading? Here’s my five goals for the seven days:

To-do List

January 28th – February 3rd

1. Complete a final draft for Bingo Short Story Competition

2. Read Life of Pi (again) before seeing the Movie [looking forward to comparing the two]

3. Read-through another 30 pages of NaNo #1 and make initial comments

4. Write three blog posts – one of which will be about the short stories read above

5. Start typing up missing chunk of NaNo #1 – Cecelia’s Story

Let’s hope this coming week is as productive as the last!


3 responses to “Writers don’t just write…

    • It appears so. I haven’t really felt all that productive though!
      Thanks for sticking around to see me through the process…Inspiration will certainly be required at some point, so I’m glad I have yours, and other blogs, to prop me up!
      Take Care, Cat x

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