Would you read my book based on this pitch?

I imagine a cover similar to this

I imagine a cover similar to this

I’ve spent my time this week trying to write a pitch for my novel. I plan to enter it into the NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza, however it has been great practice for understanding what my novel is truly about and the themes throughout it. I’ve managed to boil down the motivations and conflicts for each of my main characters and feel that I really comprehend where I want the book to end up.

So: here it is. Would you want to know more after reading this pitch?

Pitch for That which is left, is lost (working title)

“Madeline is dying; resolute that a slow painful death is what she deserves.

Her physician, Dr Whalley, is determined to attribute some meaning to her life. Deeply intrigued by her attitude to death, he enlists the help of his lover to identify those who can convince Madeline her life was worthy.

And so it happens that a collection of lost souls appear in Madeline’s room to seek answers during her final days. Yet, when it comes to light that Madeline knows Dr Whalley’s wife will he be just as affected by her tragic legacy as those she wronged:

Cecelia: a woman haunted by the guilt of a childhood friend’s life destroyed by her father will discover she is betrayed again.

James: the husband jilted after their vows and sorrowful over the loss of a child not yet born will finally meet the daughter he did not know he had.

Penelope: the mother to a child unwanted, destroyed by a desire to claim her back is permitted a chance to understand what maternal bonds can make us do.

And Rachel, the daughter, will meet the woman who gave her away.”

With allusions to De Muarier’s character Rachel, Madeline is a woman that can not be understood by the actions that are ascribed to her and yet, here, they define her. That which is left, is lost is an exploration of the memories that remain when we are gone and how we become defined by the words of others.

I’d really recommend writing a pitch as an exercise for anyone with a first draft. I feel it’s clarified a lot of the significant elements of my story and define exactly how I want the final draft of the novel to end up.


4 responses to “Would you read my book based on this pitch?

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  2. This is not really my kind of book, but I find the idea intriguing so I think I would like to know more.
    I do agree that writing a pitch is really hard to do. Trying to reduce 90000 words to less than 500 is difficult.

    • That’s interesting: I quite like that even though it is generally not your type of book the pitch still intrigues you, hopefully that means that the pitch works well! Either that or it just demonstrates how open minded you are! 8o)
      Thanks for commenting.
      Take Care, Cat x

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