Short story determination

Although I may feel like a novel-writer, I certainly don’t seem to be much of a short story author at the minute. I’m still struggling with the format and my current draft is almost twice as long as it should be. On the plus side, I do feel I’ve gotten to know my NaNo #1 novel better after my attempt to write a pitch for it. At least now I have something clear to say when people ask me ‘what it is about?’.

To-do List Review

February 11th – 17th

1. Complete a working final draft of my Bingo Short story – I have got some semblance of a story that is put together, but the more I look at it the less I think it works as a story! I’m going to take one more stab at it this week before putting aside for a number of days and then reviewing it next week. I might re-work the entire thing.

2. Write three blog posts – I’ve actually managed to write four this week: look at me go!

3. Complete my 250 word synopsis for NaNo #1 for the NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza – As evidenced by my last blog post, I’m quite happy with my pitch as it currently stands. It’s certainly made me want to get through the edits of my manuscript so that I can create the novel that goes with it!

4. Write up a draft of the ideas explored for the last line competition in Writing Magazine – Given all the trouble I’ve had with my Bingo Short Story I put this aside. I might use this task to distract me from my other efforts!

5. Tidy up my writing desk in anticipation of some serious Editing! – I did indeed tidy the desk. Unfortunately I seem to have moved all the detritus from it to elsewhere in the room, hence a lovely neat desk but very untidy atmosphere that simply makes me feel guilty every time I sit down. Perhaps I should try and tidy the rest of the room first!

The deadline for the short story competition is approaching, so I can’t afford to put the story on the shelf for very long. I’m determined to submit something, however, so the task will remain on the list in a very specific form. Then I think, reading must be my salvation/reward for the hard work I’m putting in. And finally, something fun is needed.

To-Do List

February 18th – 24th

1. Spend 30 minutes on characterisation of the two sisters in the Bingo Short Story draft

2. Pull together the necessary scenes from Bingo Short Story and tighten the dialogue

3. Read recently bought novel, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

4. Take one picture every day this week (to be used as prompts in future)

5. Write three blog posts

Well, that should keep me busy and allow me some ‘away’ time from the current projects.


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