Some weeks are more successful than others…

This past week has seen me struggle and fight with my passion for writing, only to end it convinced that I have found a method that truly works for me. I feel reignited by the possibility that short stories are a medium I can work with and that practice in this form will help me understand how to edit, in preparation for novel re-drafting.

That doesn’t mean this week was successful on all levels, perhaps I should stick to words, rather than venture into pictures, as demonstrated by my to-do list tasks:

To-Do List Review

February 18th – 24th

1. Spend 30 minutes on characterisation of the two sisters in the Bingo Short Story draft – Did this and it helped immensely. I now feel that they are ‘real’ people rather than the ‘good’ daughter and ‘bad’ daughter!

2. Pull together the necessary scenes from Bingo Short Story and tighten the dialogue – Thanks to my 10 Steps of short story writing that I figured out this week, I feel that I now have a solid final draft of my short story. 

The only picture I took this week

The only picture I took this week

3. Read recently bought novel, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn  This was done in the first half of the week. I found it an interesting read – unreliable narrators are possibly one of my favourite elements of any novel. I can’t say I was particularly satisfied by the ending, but I could see how it created the atmosphere the author was looking for. 

4. Take one picture every day this week (to be used as prompts in future) – I was terrible at this. I managed one. Somehow I just don’t appear to naturally want to whip out my camera/phone at any given time. 

5. Write three blog post – As is typical, I find the blog to be a great outlet for reflection and focusing my understanding of particular blocks I’m struggling with in my writing. 


So, what challenges await me in the upcoming week?

To-Do List

February 25th – March 3rd

1. Submit Novel Pitch to the NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza (deadline: 28/2)

2. Submit Short Story to The 1st Playing Bingo Short Story Competition (deadline 28/2)

3. Write three blog posts

4. Write initial story for Writing Magazine Last Line competition

5. Read something by one of the authors attending the Huddersfield Literature Festival (I have tickets to events involving Joanne Harris, Kate Atkinson and Jodi Picoult)


5 responses to “Some weeks are more successful than others…

    • Thanks hon – it’s almost finished (just in time!). Will try and remember to bring a copy to CAKE next time I’m there so you can cast your verdict as to whether I pitched it right in the end!
      Amazingly, I’m pretty happy with the result – despite not really liking the process. I’ll know by the end of March if the Bingo judges agree!

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