Maybe I do like editing


Well, it’s done. My short story has been submitted on the day of the deadline. Whatever happens now doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, not to me. I am proud of myself, my story, and feel that I have learned some valuable lessons in the last month.

Of course, it would be lovely to gain acknowledgement of such lessons learned by placing in the competition – otherwise, why enter? – but if I don’t win anything it won’t have been a waste. And that is comforting.

So, now to put that story away – tuck it up in my file and remember it fondly whilst I grapple with another challenge. Despite the struggles I have faced over the last few weeks – being so close to this story, these characters and the frustrations that come with trying to edit them down – I do feel an affection for this final piece. I like it. Which is more than I could have said two weeks ago, still fresh in the confusion of attempts to edit.

It does make the process worthwhile. It might not have been fun, exactly, but I understand now what it means to edit and how it can help improve the story. I really feel I have written something worthy, something I can be proud of, something that actually deserves the title of ‘short story’.

It’s a great feeling. But now it’s back to the first step to try and repeat the process for further success: Free-writing to identify a gem of an idea and then edit, rewrite, edit. Maybe I could learn to enjoy it, if only for the sense of achievement that results from the hard work put in.


7 responses to “Maybe I do like editing

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  2. Liking your own story is very important – if you don’t like it you can’t expect others to enjoy it.

    If it’s also something you’ve worked hard on and feel proud of that’s a real achievement. Now get on and do it again, and again …

    • Yes, I’ve realised that there is a process – you like the idea, then it becomes unwieldy and then you have to shape it back into something you like again: I’m glad I got through it all and came to appreciate it again! I get the feeling some writers stop before they grow to like their story again – maybe that’s why so many are unfinished!
      And yep – hopefully I’ll be able to repeat the success and write some more worthwhile stories. Stick around if you want to see me try! lol!
      Thanks for commenting. Take Care, Cat

    • Thanks hon. I may try and post this tomorrow: I always like to accept awards where possible – as it’s nice to be thought of when being nominated!
      Will have to check out some of your other nominees too: another great thing about these awards is the chance to find some new blogs!
      Take Care, x

  3. This all sounds very encouraging – it’s always great when we experience a good process in this writing game. I’ve been blogging this week about the two sides of the writer – the creative and the editor (or the playful child and iron teacher as I called them!). It’s perfect, after all that, to come across someone talking about the process in a positive way. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for commenting. It’s great to know there are readers out there ‘listening in’ on my ramblings and making an effort to spur me on! Will definitely have to check out your posts; I like the name iron teacher! lol!
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to respond. Always makes me smile.
      Take Care, Cat

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