One down, four to go

This week has felt significant. Two submissions made, for different reasons, which includes my first short story entry this year; four more to go if I am going to reach my yearly goal of five submissions this year.

This year is, it seems, about building confidence, learning how to edit and refine my writing, taking in information on how to develop my craft and how that might apply in other people’s work. I feel I am working toward that and that my weekly to-do lists are helping me keep track of what I achieve, meaning I do feel that I am making progress whilst also reflecting on it.

To-Do List Review

February 25th – March 3rd

1. Submit Novel Pitch to the NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza (deadline: 28/2) – Done. Though still awaiting a confirmation.

2. Submit Short Story to The 1st Playing Bingo Short Story Competition(deadline 28/2) – Also done. Received a confirmation thanking me for my submission. 

3. Write three blog posts – Once again, this is the one thing on my list that is most likely to get done.

4. Write initial story for Writing Magazine Last Line competition – I’ve started, but not finished. My idea seems to consist of ramblings for the most part and I want to make sure I explore the elements of this character before I commit her to action.

5. Read something by one of the authors attending the Huddersfield Literature Festival (I have tickets to events involving Joanne Harris, Kate Atkinson and Jodi Picoult) – I read blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris. A strange read, because I did get the twist a little while before it was revealed but at the same time the entire concept of the story baffled me somewhat. The ending was also quite a whammy, but reading Joanne’s own comments I can understand why she wanted to end it in such a way. 


So, what this week? I think it might be time to get back to the novel and try and juggle both longer and shorter manuscripts at the same time. Just to see what happens!


To-do List

March 4th – 10th 


1. Read and make notes on a minimum of thirty pages of NaNo #1

2. Create a rough first draft for the Last Line Competition for Writing Magazine

3. Write three blog posts

4. Read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (in anticipation of seeing the movie soon)

5. Read April’s Writing Magazine – due to arrive this week!


3 responses to “One down, four to go

    • I would say that it’s probably more important to write at the moment, instead of reading about writing! lol! I have to admit, reading about writing is an indulgence I allow myself – perhaps you can make it your reward for something one day soon: complete one piece of your writing and give yourself an hour off to read a mag!
      *hugs* Cat x

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