Pitch in for writer’s success

I’m a little late with my post this morning because I have been patiently waiting for the pitches to be announced in the Pitchapalooza challenge.

Unfortunately, my pitch didn’t get randomly picked for the NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza. However, twenty-five others are now up and are vying for votes to be the ‘fan favourite’. Not only this, but each of the twenty-five pitches have been briefly critiqued by The Book Doctors – Arielle and David – and their comments help to view the pitches with an editorial eye. There are some good tips in and amongst the reviews that could certainly help any aspiring author when approaching their own pitch.

I’m going to spend some of my time today reading through all the pitches and seeing which one I like the best and why. Then, because I’m a good sport, I’m going to vote for this pitch. It’s important to support other writers, but I think the reason I loved this challenge was because the thought of someone reading those 250 words and then saying ‘Wow, I want to read this book’ is an amazing reward for all the hard work of writing it. For so few words the sentiment behind the idea validates your book’s existence – someone wanting to read your novel is significant if you actually plan to have your novel read!

Writing the pitch for my novel was certainly a great exercise and I do feel that it crystallised some of the key concepts and themes that I was writing about. It’s also helped me define each of my main characters’ motivations and  story arc, so that is something I can work on further as I’m editing.

So, go on – go over to the website and have a read of some of those NaNoWriMo novel pitches: you’re bound to find one you like:




7 responses to “Pitch in for writer’s success

  1. Catherine,

    Wishing you the best for the next time you enter.

    This journey we’re all on—the writing journey—it can take so much out of us, and then at other times, when we put something down on paper that actually works—for someone, anyway—our dream is redeemed.

    Best wishes in your writing endeavors.


    • Many thanks for your comment and best wishes Stella. Writing certainly is a tumultuous journey, and not always enjoyable but I can’t imagine myself on a better one!
      I wish you all the best in return and hope we can share a little luck down the road sometime.
      Thanks for reading. Take Care, Cat

      • It is a strange journey. And they picked mine out of what must have been tons, and their email was in my spam folder. If I hadn’t looked in there, would I even have the validation that I received that day?
        Would things really be any different? Are they any different now? Who knows.


      • Hey Stella,

        Firstly, congrats on being one of the few that was picked: have you found the comments useful at all? I had to go back and check – but yours was the recipe pitch wasn’t it? Very eye-catching and original: impressive that you managed to create a pitch like this!

        I know what you mean about questioning if things would have been different any other way – sometimes we get what we want and it doesn’t change our lives in any way. Other times things surprise us and alter our lives for the better without us really realising it at the time.

        All the best with your writing – I’ll remember to check my spam folder in future!
        Thanks for your comment.
        Take Care, Cat

      • Thanks, Cat!
        I did find David and Arielle’s comments to be helpful. Those would only serve to make the pitch better.

        Good luck with your novel when it comes time to offer it to the various houses that are available and best wishes with your writing. Keep me posted when your book gets a home! I’ll be excited for you!


      • Same for you Stella – would be very intrigued to read your novel based on your pitch, especially given the unusual style! Would love to hear about any response you get from the publishers you approach too.
        Good luck with it. Take Care, Cat x

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