Writing backwards

I’ve been trying to write my draft for the Last Line competition for Writing Magazine and I’ve realised that I am facing a new challenge this week. Having discovered a practical approach to writing short story drafts I am finding it easier to identify the key aspects of the story I am trying to write. However, because I have been given the final line to the story already, working toward it is interesting.

As a result, I’ve had to work backwards in my plan from where I know my character is going to end up to the point at which I’ve decided to begin the story. Once again, the middle section has become the most difficult part to write. I know where my character begins, I know where I want her to end up, but the means and ways to get there are intricate and seemingly, long-winded. Especially when I have only 1,500-1,700 words to get from A to B.

The story I am trying to write is less about physical change than an emotional one. Therefore the writing consists of a lot of compositional prose and I need a few points of action to punctuate it. I’m getting closer to what I want, but – as discovered from previous weeks – it’s going to take time and patience. Thankfully, I have a plan and I have faith. Hopefully, that will support me in getting to a final stage in my story draft and to a place where I’m satisfied with it.


6 responses to “Writing backwards

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  3. your middle paragraph has shed a light on a few things for me – thank you — this sounds like one of the automaton messages– it it not–I am going to try to work backwards to give a story I am working on some momentum–I have been stuck and this has helped me unstick

    • Glad that my struggles aren’t mine alone and that I can help someone with my ramblings! Good luck with your story – if you can, blog about how you get on: I’d love to hear about your progress!
      Thanks for the comment, Cat

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