The Middle Week

A very busy week, but I am happy with my to-do list achievements:

To-do List Review

March 4th – 10th 

1. Read and make notes on a minimum of thirty pages of NaNo #1 – I managed twenty pages. I’m now into the section that I struggled with for so long last year, during which time the plot for this entire section altered dramatically. As a result, I’m realising that this part may require some hefty rewriting to make it readable.

2. Create a rough first draft for the Last Line Competition for Writing Magazine – I have something resembling a first draft. Lots to be changed I think, but at the same time I do feel that progress has been made on that middle section (see my earlier post) and that I now have something to work with.

3. Write three blog posts – Almost didn’t manage this, after my ego suggested that this was the one thing on my list that always got done! I was at work on Saturday, indulging in my other love (Egyptology) and helping people learn how to read some hieroglyphs, so I missed my usual posting: but managed to squeeze in that third post on Sunday!

4. Read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (in anticipation of seeing the movie soon) – I’m one-hundred and sixty three pages in, and realising how much I enjoy this novel all over again. I recall reading it for the first time and becoming quite frustrated with the cutting off to begin new stories, but now, knowing that it all circles back, I’m much more relaxed and feel immersed in all the characters that he explores throughout time. 

5. Read April’s Writing Magazine – due to arrive this week! – Done! I found an article aptly titled ‘Stuck in the Middle’ all about how to create that hole that is the middle of your short story! Most useful this week.

One thing that I am noticing is that I will need to make time for reading all the other blogs I follow and commenting on them – because some of them are more than worthy of a word or two – either to remind them how inspiring they are or to pitch in with some encouragement. I think I’ll have to remember to build this into my week: I’m usually quite good at reading them when I have a moment or two (on my Nexus between meetings, or in bed, or in the car – when I’m NOT driving!), but then I always neglect to go back and say something in response. I have some lovely comments on my own posts and I feel it’s time to prioritise involving myself more in the blogging community.

huddslitfestOn top of this, I’ve got a busy writing week ahead of me with the Huddersfield Literature Festival beginning on the 14th, and I’m attending some of the events:

To-do List

11th – 17th March

1. Attend ‘Conversations with...’ Joanne Harris and Kate Atkinson (Friday and Saturday)

2. Attend Creative Writing Workshop on Saturday

3. Write three blog posts and comment on at least 5 other blogs

4. Identify key scenes in Last Line Story First Draft

5. Read another 150 pages of Cloud Atlas


3 responses to “The Middle Week

  1. Good luck honey!

    I know what you mean about taking time to read blogs. I can end up spending 2-3 hours a day just reading, replying and liking on social media. I’m drowning in a sea of e mails (200+ a day) a d then when I’ve caught up I’ve got to start again lol.

    There aren’t enough hours in a day IMO 😉


    • I think it’s all about strict scheduling. At work I’m really good at putting chunks of time in to spend on specific activity and then making sure I only spend the time allocated on it. Anything that I don’t get done has to wait til next time!

      At home, writing, I’m not so great at this. Compartmentalisation of task – I think it’s called. Doesn’t help when you get drawn into reading a great book or the muse kicks in though!

      Keep at it hon: you’re doing a great job by the looks of it! x

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