The Festival Week

I’ve had a really fun time (excepting Thursday’s illness) with writing this week. The Literature Festival was really great for finding people with similar interests and a desire to write. It was also great to meet with published authors and to hear them speak about their writing. Interestingly, seeing them up on stage ‘in conversation’, I wondered if I could do that for my book about my writing? I concluded that I could and I would, if it ever came to it. Writing may be a solitary endeavour, but being an author, I think, comes with certain social necessities.

To-do List Review

11th – 17th March

1. Attend ‘Conversations with...’ Joanne Harris and Kate Atkinson (Friday and Saturday) – If you saw my last post, then you will have known I made it to these and the illness didn’t stop me from enjoying the Literature Festival. I found Joanne Harris a lot more engaging than Kate Atkinson, plus Joanne donated her fee to Kirkwood Hospice, so her charitable nature won me over too!

2. Attend Creative Writing Workshop on Saturday – This was a really solid review of the ‘showing and telling’ nature of writing and the balance that is needed between the two. It was run by Michael Stewart, who teaches on the Creative Writing course at the University. I asked him afterwards for any tips on editing and he took my email address and promised to send some references.

3. Write three blog posts and comment on at least 5 other blogs  – I’m really enjoying commenting on other blogs, and think I have managed way more than this mediocre goal of 5! I will definitely continue doing this, as it feels really great to start up dialogues with people on their blogs and contribute to the social side that blogging can elicit!

4. Identify key scenes in Last Line Story First Draft – This one didn’t get done, as I wasn’t well on Thursday. Illness captures us all at some point, and fortunately the deadline for submission isn’t until April so I have time.

5. Read another 150 pages of Cloud Atlas – I’m actually almost finished, with less than 100 pages to go! Managed to get a lot of reading in before bed this week, and occasional bouts on Thursday when the room wasn’t spinning!

So, this week – no Literature Festival to distract me and hopefully no ill health to floor me.
To-do List
March 18th – 24th
1.  Write three blog posts and continue commenting on others

2. Identify key scenes in Last Line Story, First Draft

3. Complete reading Cloud Atlas and start another book
4. Review 30 pages of NaNo#1
5. Identify references to help with editing and redrafting process

7 responses to “The Festival Week

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    • Thanks! I never really considered my to do lists inspiring – just necessary to get me moving!

      I totally agree about commenting, now I’ve started I don’t think I could stop!

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a little something behind. Take Care, Cat x

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