Away, & back again

It was nice to be away. But, sometimes, it’s even nicer to come back – especially when you come back to Easter Weekend and have a few more days of freedom. What’s even nicer is the fact that I booked a couple of extra days off work and so now am not due back ’til Friday! I feel spoilt!

Because of the visit to the Lakes and my desire to take some time away from my writing, I’ve got behind on my to-do list. I haven’t been particularly fastidious at keeping up with it either…Hence the following:

To-do List Review

March 18th – 24th

1.  Write three blog posts and continue commenting on others – I have managed to keep up with posting whilst I was away, thanks to careful planning. However, I haven’t had chance to read or comment on many blogs at all: right now I’m just catching up with the reading but am being very lax on commenting. Hope to improve on this soon!

2. Identify key scenes in Last Line Story, First Draft  – Not only have I managed to do this, but thanks to my extra critical editor I’ve managed to seek out the parts that were weak and have already started to rewrite.

3. Complete reading Cloud Atlas and start another book – I did this and more! While I was away I read ‘Daughters of Fortune‘ by Tara Hyland and, since I’ve been back, managed to read ‘Perfect Match‘ by Jodi Picoult!

4. Review 30 pages of NaNo#1 – Whoops. With all that reading material by professional authors I completely forgot to read my own work! But, I have a plan for this…to be explained in a future post.

5. Identify references to help with editing and redrafting process – I haven’t really done this one either: I did get some great tips from Michael Stewart via an email and have sent off an email to David Henry Sterry and Arielle Eckstut (aka The Bookdoctors) for some tips on my NaNo #1 – in exchange for buying their book, so I haven’t ignored this completely.

But, now I’m back and I have a few extra days to spare. So, I’m hoping to jump back in. However, I suspect it won’t be that easy. Always, when you take some time away from something, the habit has to be rebuilt over time – maybe not as long as it initially took, but time nonetheless. So, I promised myself I’d start back with an ‘easy’ week.

 To-do List

1st -7th April

 1. Continue rewrite of Last Line Story to create a final draft

2. Attend ‘Conversation with…’ Jodi Picoult as part of Huddersfield Literature Festival

3. Read May edition of ‘Writing Magazine’

4. Identify references to help with editing and redrafting process

5. Start reading another novel


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