I am now a Twit – or should that be Tweep?

For some inexplicable reason I decided to join Twitter on Thursday. I’m not really one for the social media hype, I’m renowned for eschewing technology and typically don’t get on well with it. Yet for some reason I thought I would set myself up with a Twitter account and try and find out what all this fuss is about.

Come find me @Cat_Lumn

Come find me @Cat_Lumb

So, now I’m three days in, have 21 followers, had a brief chat with Joanne Harris and won tickets to an author event courtesy of Waterstones. I feel a little exhausted, like I’ve experienced an unexpected whirlwind and I’m now standing in a breeze wondering if I just imagined the whole thing.

But no, I do have an account and, if you so desire, you can look me up: @Cat_Lumb. I will mostly be using it to ReTweet helpful writing links and advice that I find, whilst also keeping any followers up to date on my own writing journey (including links to this blog).

I am finding that it does suck up a lot of time – so I think I might need to be very strict with my social media interactions and try and concentrate a bit more on how best to utilise my time when interacting this way. But, as I’m still new to it, I think I should allow myself some time to play over the next week or so. Fortunately, I’d already done most of my tasks this week, so I didn’t get too far behind with the to-do-list.

To-do List Review

1st -7th April

 1. Continue rewrite of Last Line Story to create a final draft – I have something akin to a finished story, however it’s 300 words over the limit, so another edit is required. I’ve managed to identify a couple of areas where I could tighten the narrative and some erroneous parts: hopefully I can get this done early in the next week before the deadline on the 15th.

2. Attend ‘Conversation with…’ Jodi Picoult as part of Huddersfield Literature Festival – As evidenced by my post, I did indeed attend this event which I found fascinating and intimidating on both counts: Jodi Picoult does some amazing research for her novels and yet still maintains such great productivity. I’m looking forward to reading her latest offering.

3. Read May edition of ‘Writing Magazine’ – Managed the majority of this, a few pages here and there that I have skimmed rather than read. 

4. Identify references to help with editing and redrafting process – Since joining Twitter I’ve been stockpiling and ReTweeting potential hints that I think will be useful for writers – myself included. I also got some input back from The BookDoctors on my NaNo#1 pitch and have some areas to work on from then. On top of all that I have been emailed a comprehensive list from Michael Stewart – who led the Creative Writing workshop during the Huddersfield Literature Festival – and have found more than a few blog posts advising top tips for editing, again, thanks to Twitter.

5. Start reading another novel – I’m now reading ‘Best Friends Forever‘ by Jennifer Weiner, which is a bit of a lack-lustre Thelma and Louise. It’s interesting enough to read, but doesn’t really grab me enough to make me stay up and read the next chapter when it turns midnight.

So, it’s been an interesting week – what with seeing Jodi talk about her books and joining Twitter on an impulse. So what does the coming week ahead hold in store?

To-do List

8th – 14th April

1. Contribute to Twitter and continue to identify useful hints and tips for writing

2. Complete the final draft of the Last Line Story ready for submission by the 15th

3. Attend ‘An Evening with Taiye Selasi‘ at Waterstones Deansgate in Manchester on the 11th

4. Write three blog posts

5. Finish reading current novel and start another
(Jodi Picout’s Storyteller, Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life or Joanne Harris’ Runemarks?)

Let’s hope #1 doesn’t distract me from all the others! Does anyone have any tips about how to ensure I don’t lose all my productive time engrossed in social media?

10 responses to “I am now a Twit – or should that be Tweep?

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  2. I am relatively new to Twitter and was hesitant to sign up but I’m so glad I did! I’m @jenniferk220. I love to find and tweet/retweet articles about writing and great blogs I come across. I think it’s a great resource! Have fun!

    • There is so much on Twitter isn’t there? It’s great for identifying useful tidbits – even if you do have to trawl through a lot sometimes: the odd gem makes it worthwhile.

      I am finding it can take time though…so I’m introducing a few ‘rules’. Will be blogging about them soon – so check back if you can to add some of your own!

      Take Care, Cat x

  3. Are you enjoying Twitter? 🙂 I tend to use it strictly for writing. I dont tend to Tweet about my life as such, i use FaceBook for that lol

    Good luck with your To Do List honey. I’m having a break from mine for the A-Z and i have to say, im feeling a little bit lost without it 😉


    • I adore Twitter – it’s great! I’m also being quite strict about my usage, as I want to keep it purely literary too! It’s been a steep learning curve, but I think I’m getting there! How long have you been using it?

      Your A-Z will see you through your to-do list! It’s just an alphabetical one! You’ll slip right back into good habits once the months ends.

      Take Care, Cat x

  4. twitter can DEFINITELY be exhausting. but it’s a great way to connect and get the word out about a book and/or blog 🙂 glad to see you joined the party! 🙂 @vgrefer on twitter!

      • I am LOVING Twitter (though it does take up some time) – I’m finding loads of great tips and fantastic blogs and people!

        As for reading – I realised that I had to add it to my to-do list so that I could give myself permission to do it! It’s so important to read widely if you want to write, but it’s too much fun to really do it guilt-free!

        Looking forward to more posts, and Tweets, from us both!
        Take Care,

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