The Blue Bird Diary

twitter-logo-birdThe thing about Twitter is that it is so easy to get lost in the virtual world of ‘gossiping’. So many people have so much to say and it’s difficult to find a suitable filtering system to ensure that I don’t end up with a finger in every pie and no hands left to write with!

It’s the time factor really. My first day I must have spent a good hour or so just trawling through posts, trying to find my way and identify who I should follow and who I might ReTweet. My second day I probably spent even more time checking up on my feed, desperate to see who might have followed me or mentioned me and reading up on all the things that people were tweeting about.

I spent the weekend making furiously fast checks, scrolling through the feed and speed-reading in the hopes I could read everything and anything, desperate not miss anything of importance. This led to my partner teasing me every time I picked up my  phone, tablet or laptop – “You’re on Twitter again, aren’t you?”

Well, at least now he knows how I feel when he’s constantly on his mobile role playing games, refusing to look at me when I’m asking a question!

Twitter, I have discovered, is like anything new and can become addictive. But, I have been saved. Thanks, ironically, to Twitter, whereupon I discovered a gold mine of advice on how to approach the quickest of social media.

I would heartily advise anyone seeking how to utilise the best of Twitter – and how not to use Twitter – to read Kristen Lamb’s blog posts on Twitter etiquette. This is where I started, and it has made my Twitter experience so much easier and quicker. 

I can now spend 5-10m on Twitter, perhaps three or four times a day and still keep up with all the interesting feeds, hashtags and conversations that I feel I need to. It’s a revelation to realise that it can be so vital and yet so easy to move with the times. And times are so fast on Twitter – despite the hours it could rob from your writing if you don’t figure out how best it can work for you.

It’s already yielded some fantastic links to writing advice and editing tips that I would otherwise never have found – certainly not as quickly as I could via Twitter. Here are just a few I’ve discovered in less than a week:

I’ll try and add more as my experience on Twitter develops – but, if you already follow me @Cat_Lumb – you’ll already be in the know for most of the links I find it impossible not to share!


5 responses to “The Blue Bird Diary

  1. Twitter is fun, but I’m trying to limit it to just a couple visits a day. I’m not good at coming up with random drabble, so it is a bit of a struggle to tweet something interesting! 🙂

  2. great post, with what look to be some great links! I hadn’t heard of Kristen Lamb’s twitter posts, so thanks for the info, Kat! I’ll have to check them out at some point.

    I agree that with Twitter it’s all about TIME. TIME and worrying that maybe I tweet too much about myself…. there’s a line between self-promotion being ok and being just too much. I guess whether or not people are unfollowing you is a good way to gauge that? Or set yourself a limit: one, or two, or three self-promotional tweets a day, and that’s it. Something like that.

    • I totally agree with the limits required – before I started I promised myself 5 tweets a day: then I found loads of stuff to ReTweet and mention…I think I’ve found a decent balance: but then, I don’t have too many followers at the minute, so I’m happy not to overshare and to promote other helpful things people tweet!

      Thanks for commenting – I’m finding your feed very useful!
      Take Care, Cat

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