Now to focus on the Novel…

A hiccup with a submission date, meeting a début author and Tweeting like mad…such a busy week, but one that I’ve enjoyed!

To-do List Review

8th – 14th April

1. Contribute to Twitter and continue to identify useful hints and tips for writing – I’ve tweeted approximately 125 times, have 50 followers and have 59 people that I follow. I’ve managed to identify some new blogs to follow too:
A freelance writer who caught my interest thanks to her ‘Ode to Shitty First Drafts‘ post
A Young Adult author recently signed with a literary agent, I really enjoyed her post on feeling like a failure and/or being afraid
Victoria’s blog is crammed with helpful tidbits and her experiences self-publishing her trilogy, starting with ‘The Crimson League‘ not to mention her advice on Social Media for writers
Author of ‘We are not alone – the writer’s guide to social media‘, I’ve gottn a lot of my Twitter etiquette based on her posts.
A literary agent who blogs on some very useful topics, my favourite: Repairing a broken manuscript – my guiding principles for revising my novel next week!

2. Complete the final draft of the Last Line Story ready for submission by the 15th – Well, I got this deadline wrong. It was actually due on the 13th – fortunately, having checked the details on Friday I was able to submit on Saturday lunchtime, so all was well. Second submission this year (three more to go).
Lesson Learnt: ALWAYS check the submission details out on a regular basis!

3. Attend ‘An Evening with Taiye Selasi‘ at Waterstones Deansgate in Manchester on the 11th – I really enjoyed this. It was an intimate affair, with perhaps 15-20 people there to chat with one of the Waterstones 11. More on this later in the week when I post about it in more details. 

4. Write three blog posts – Done and done. Maybe this one should come off the list for something new…?

5. Finish reading current novel and start another – I decided upon Joanne Harris’ Runemarks, which is going fairly well. I’m already two thirds of the way through and it’s a nice change of pace to read a novel for Young Adults: there’s always plenty of action!

So, what for the week ahead? Well, as I promised the next four weeks are going to be dedicated to my NaNo #1 – tentatively titled, That which is left, is lost. I haven’t quite finished the first draft read through, and I know I have a whole section to type up and complete, plus all the inconsistencies with point of view to address…so lots to do.

Given I only work part-time this give me approximately 15 days to get my first draft into shape. By ‘in shape’ I mean into a cohesive story that I can then begin to analyse and shape into a ‘proper’ novel – with suitable plot and sub-plot, themes to work on and distinct characters that don’t alter half-way through the text! It should allow me to highlight all the ‘big’ issues that I will need to work on over the coming months.

To-do List

15th – 21st April

1. Complete reading through the first draft of ‘That which is left, is lost’
(57 pages to go!)

2. Start typing up Cecelia’s story
(currently half hand-written in a notebook)

3. Work on Character Biographies to create a ‘quick-guide’ for major characters in the novel
(I’ve already started a notebook with a section on each of the main eight characters)

4. Put together a ‘Revision Plan’ to help keep me on track during edits
(collated from various sources)

5. Continue reading
(so as to have ‘something’ not related to my own novel to escape to!)


3 responses to “Now to focus on the Novel…

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! Glad to hear you liked my Ode to Shitty First drafts. I can’t wait to check out the other blogs you mentioned! Best of luck with your novel!

    • No probs hon – it’s helped me out a lot! Hope you enjoy the other blogs too…Thanks for sharing your insights! x

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