Weekly Review

I’m not sure what happened to this week. It seems to have been very long and yet time has slipped from me. In all fairness, I did make the decision today to attend a Writing Circle, rather than stay home and work on the novel (not that it was a waste – I did make a rough beginning to the sequel for NaNa #1 in one of the exercises). I’m glad I went though – because I think I accomplished more there than I would have done at home. For some reason, home has not been conducive to writing this week:

To-do List Review

15th – 21st April

1. Complete reading through the first draft of ‘That which is left, is lost’ I managed to complete this fairly swiftly, reading the final 60 pages in one sitting. I’m happy with where the story takes me, but think a few things do need to be drawn out to make the final scene work. Lots to work on for the edits!

2. Start typing up Cecelia’s storyI had all good intentions to do this, but when I cracked open the notebook I had begun writing this section within I started to type completely different words! I think it might be easier to rewrite this entire section, using my handwritten prose as a guide. Having started this, I now have around 5,000 words.

3. Work on Character Biographies to create a ‘quick-guide’ for major characters in the novel – I have neglected this task because I couldn’t face going back through the rough draft to find out all the necessary details. I will have to make an effort to record them as I go when writing about Cecelia, at least.

4. Put together a ‘Revision Plan’ to help keep me on track during edits – I’ve got a few notes, but they are far from a cohesive plan. Until I’ve finished writing up Cecelia’s story I think the rest of the edits will need to go on hold whilst I ensure the full draft is complete.

5. Continue reading – I’m over half way through Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. I would say that I am enjoying it, but every time I put it down I forget the section I read before, so am having trouble following the timeline of each ‘life’. To be honest, I’m also not really sure what a lot of the pieces in each ‘life’ have to do with the final climax revealed in the prologue (that of killing Hitler!). 

So, a little more focus will be needed for the coming week, methinks. I really need to finish the section form Cecelia’s point of view and then I can treat the draft as a whole. I’m also finding it difficult to concentrate just on the novel – having spent the last few weeks working on disparate projects and stories. So, I’m wondering if I need an outlet away from the novel so as not to feel bound by it.

To-do List

22nd – 28th April

1.  Write up Cecelia’s section of the novel
(I’d like to aim for a minimum of 8,000 words)

2. Fill in Cecelia’s character in the ‘Biography Book’
(as it shall now be known)

3. Finish reading Life After Life

4. Work on story ideas for upcoming competitions
(those with post-May deadlines)

5. Identify three new writing websites/blogs that might help with the editing process
(I’ll list these in next week’s post – but if you know of any, comment below!)

I can only hope that this week will be more productive that the preceding one.


4 responses to “Weekly Review

    • Thanks – think I’m going to need it!

      I return the well wishes and look forward to the final flourish of the A-Z of Authors! x

    • Well, I’ve only just started compiling them (a bit late given I’ve written the first draft already!) but I collected pictures from magazines of how I thought my characters might look and list their basic features (date of birth, full name, parents, eye colour etc) so that it’s an easy reference while I’m going through the draft to ensure I stay consistent.

      I want the biographies to tell a story themselves, of how my characters lives have been lived and perhaps explain why they do the things they do. I plan to note down motivations for each action so that, in future edits, I’ll know just what I meant when I wrote so-n-so did this and why it made sense for them to do it.

      I have enjoyed putting it together, but I’m a long way off being finished. Maybe I’ll do a post about it in a couple of weeks! Let me know if you decide to try it for yourself – would be interested to learn how other people tackle it.

      Thanks for popping by the blog!
      Take Care, Cat

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