That extra challenge, plus one less day

2013StADaBadge300x138It’s been an interesting week, especially so given that I committed myself to another challenge for the month: A Story a Day in May. This all came about because I decided to write a short story about my friend’s nail polish collection and as it coincided with the 1st May I realised I’d already started the challenge anyway, so might as well carry on. I’m going to continue with this, but rather than post them individually I’ve set up a page – A Story a Day 2013 – that I will post my contributions to each day so as not to clog up the blog feed with too many posts!

To do List Review

29th April – 5th May

1. Sketch out Goals, Motivations and Conflicts for each of my main characters in NaNo #1 – I have managed to sketch these out for the main five characters – Madeline, Dr Whalley, Cecelia, James and Penelope – but I need to examine the same for the lesser characters (Betsy, Holly and Rachel). 

2. Write out scene cards for Cecelia’s section of the novel with clear notes on how each contributes to the story – All done. with only an extra 4 scene cards to finish off the section that is unwritten. 

3. Insert previously identified Chapter Breaks (from read-through) into manuscript in preparation to create scene cards for all chapters – This made my eyes go fuzzy, but I managed to identify all 25 Chapters in addition to the sections for Cecelia, James and Penelope’s stories. They don’t appear to be very consistent, so this will have to be re-examined later in the drafting process. For now, though, it gives me a decent breakdown of the novel to work on each chapter to build up the story.

4. Begin sketching timeline for the entire plot of NaNo #1 – I’m still not sure about this one. I have created an overview of Madeline’s life with significant events highlighted so that I can ensure my sums add up (as it turns out she ends up dying much younger than I expected: at 38 instead of 54, but hey ho, that’s how fiction works!). I think it might take another read through to understand how many days the actual book takes up in ‘real-time’.

5. Prepare Bingo Story (unsuccessful competition submission) to send to Woman’s Weekly as alternative market – I have halved the word count (of 3,000 words) by removing a whole section in the middle. As a result I need to tweak the beginning, add in a few more details here and there and rewrite the ending. This should then round up to an even 2,000 words, at which point it will qualify for submission. I’m hoping it won’t take me too long to complete. 

So this week starts with a Bank Holiday Monday. You would think that this would give me extra time to write, but I’m also working an extra day this week in my ‘regular’ job, so that impinges on my writing time. Therefore this week’s tasks are kept short, to the point and (hopefully) achievable.

To do list

May 6th – 12th 

1. Type up as much of Cecelia’s section of the novel (NaNo #1) as possible

2. Finish writing Cecelia’s section of the novel – final four scenes

3. Write a Story a Day and post it up on my Story a Day page 

4. Sketch out Goals, Motivation and Conflict for minor characters in NaNo #1

5. Complete Bingo Story for submission


2 responses to “That extra challenge, plus one less day

  1. I love seeing you describe your process because it’s so different from my pantser style. I never write scene cards, and I find it fascinating that there are writers, like me, whose processes could not be more distinct from mine. It’s so cool!

    • Thanks! It’s partly why I started blogging about it – because they are so many different approaches to writing and I kinda felt I had to justify my own!
      I am a secret pantster with short stories: I can not plan those out! I just have to write and then hope it all comes together. But with novels I need some structure, otherwise I might never finish writing!
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Look forward to reading your section on ‘planner vs pantster’ in the How-to book! 🙂

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