In sickness…

So….I’ve been unwell. Quite unwell as it turned out. Not only did I have a disastrous M.E. day on Thursday, but on Saturday morning I awoke very early to discover I was suffering from Gastroenteritis. Not pretty.

All of this put a huge spanner in the works with regard to the to-do list – not to mention Story a Day. I’m not doing too badly now, but I’m aware my body needs to rest so am trying not to over-do it. Thankfully the Bank Holiday means no ‘day-job’ for me tomorrow which is a huge relief.

Surprisingly, a fair amount of my to-do list still got done:

To-do List Review
20th – 26th May

1. Write a Story a Day and add it to the collection on the Story a Day 2013 Page – Unfortunately I only managed to go uninterrupted to May 22nd. I might pick this back up for the final week, but it’s still a good achievement and, looking back, I wrote 22 stories for the same challenge last year (maybe this is my natural limit). It has been really good fun, and I hope you’ve also enjoyed the offerings I’ve been posting on my page

2. Print and edit major issues in three chapters of NaNo #1 – I did, in fact, manage this one. Chapters, 3, 4 and 5 all have red pen scribbled on them and I’m beginning to identify some interesting alterations to be made. I’m quite enjoying this process. 

3. Make changes identified in new draft for NaNo #1 – I have, thus far, only managed to type up the changes I red-penned in Chapter 3. Chapters 4 and 5 should get done tomorrow (hurray for Bank Holidays!).

4. Identify ONE competition/submission to be made before 1st June – I’ve decided to leap out of my comfort zone and intend to submit a 300 word story to Daggerville Games – stories about murder mysteries. Their theme this month is ‘The Locked Room’ and I’ve already had some fun with a few ideas. The genre is new to me and the word limit is tight: so it’s a good challenge. Entries are due in before 31st May.

5. Attend Creative Writing Group at Library (Wed AM) to meet other local writers – This was an experience I really enjoyed. It was great to hear the talent of some other writers who live nearby and although I wouldn’t say I made any new ‘friends’, I did get some information about a local writer’s group looking for new members that sounds like a really good opportunity. I plan to attend their next meet. (yay!)

As you can see, despite illness, I did pretty well with my to-do list I think. I am disappointed that I haven’t made it through the whole month with Story a Day in May, but I am still proud of the accomplishment so far and I’ve enjoyed taking part – which is the whole point! I was also lucky enough to provide Friday’s prompt – even though I didn’t manage to participate on that day!

So, with the Bank Holiday providing an extra day to indulge in some writing (and spend some time with my partner), here’s this week’s to-do list.

To-do List

27th May – 2nd June

1. Complete, and submit, 300 word story to Daggerville Games Facebook page before 31st May

2. Type up changes to Chapters 4 & 5 of Digital Draft of NaNo #1

3. Print and edit major issues in three more chapters of NaNo #1

4. Add changes to Digital Draft of NaNo #1

5. Continue with Story a Day by writing five more short stories

Let’s hope my health improves so that I can concentrate on the writing this week, I don’t think I can cope with another week away! I guess this just proves how integral writing is to my life now, as I honestly felt really disappointed that I couldn’t write, edit or even read when I was ill. I’m looking forward to getting back on track!


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