“Reading is essential to becoming a writer”

The book I could not put down.

The book I spent my Saturday with

Despite enthusiasm, I didn’t really recover from the bug that I had until Thursday. This didn’t leave as much time as I anticipated for the pursuit of writing or editing. Not least because I indulgently spent my Saturday doing neither of these things, spending the entire day reading Harlen Coben’s ‘Tell No One’ – which I loved. Especially because he leaves the plot twist right until the final few paragraphs: genius.

So, I was partially unwell and somewhat distracted this week. How does that fare for my task list?

To-do List

27th May – 2nd June

1. Complete, and submit, 300 word story to Daggerville Games Facebook page before 31st May – Done. If, in two weeks time, I haven’t been notified that I’ve won I’ll place what I did write up on the blog – perhaps with a post-competition analysis to try and fathom why not.

2. Type up changes to Chapters 4 & 5 of Digital Draft of NaNo #1 – This didn’t even get attempted until Thursday afternoon, but it did get done. The further I get through the novel, the more changes I seem to be making.

3. Print and edit major issues in three more chapters of NaNo #1 – I completed Chapters 6 and 7, and there is a reason I didn’t begin 8. After Chapter 7 the narrative of Dr Whalley is interrupted for Madeline’s (ex-) husband to tell his story. I want to read and edit this story as if it’s a separate section – so a slightly different approach is needed. 

4. Add changes to Digital Draft of NaNo #1 – Changes to both Chapters 6 and 7 made.

5. Continue with Story a Day by writing five more short stories – Epic Fail. 😦 With recovering from the stomach bug, the regular day-job and having to take my Dad to a hospital appointment, I just didn’t have the focus or motivation to keep up with this.
Never mind. There’s always next year. 

I have to admit, I’m feeling a lot better now than I was earlier in the week. It’s odd how much illness can take out of you – whereupon even the things you enjoy can become a mammoth task that hold no merit and serves only to make you feel worse. I certainly don’t want to associate that feeling with writing…

What’s in store this week? Given how much I realised I miss reading, I’ve decided to add a ‘reading clause’ to my to-do list every now and then – so I can indulge guilt-free! After all, reading is essential to becoming a writer – it’s a learning process as much as anything else, not to mention a means to understand what else is out there in the world of published novels.

Here’s what I plan to accomplish over the next seven days:

To-do List

3rd – 9th June

1. Print out and edit 10 pages of James’ Story in NaNo #1

2. Add edits of James’ Story to NaNo #1 Digital Draft file

3. Attend meeting with Huddersfield Literature Festival Director to see how I can get involved with next year’s celebrations

4. Identify another competition to enter, preferably before end of June

5. Read a book (and write a review for the blog!)


4 responses to ““Reading is essential to becoming a writer”

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    • Thanks doll.
      Not sure that improved health is doing my writing any good though – really not in the mood just recently (even cleaned the living room as avoidance!).
      Think I have some issues to work out…
      Hope you’re finding the fun in writing again 😉 x

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