This Writer’s Dream Desk

My writing I have a good reason to get to work!

My writing dream…now I have a good reason to get to work!

Nothing makes me feel more like a writer than the purchase of a long-desired writing desk. I’ve always wanted one of these – I find them both romantic and practical and they are the ultimate writer’s dream. During a visit to a friend this weekend, she took me to an antique shop that she has often raved about. Tucked into a corner was this beautiful stained oak writing desk that I had to have. It was a decent price, and although it was in need of some internal repair (the drawer stabilisers had come loose) I saw an opportunity for a deal and snapped it up for £13.50 below the asking price.

I am one happy writer right now. Perhaps next week I’ll get all of my writing to-do list ticked off as a result – here’s how I managed this week’s:

To-do List Review

3rd – 9th June

1. Print out and edit 10 pages of James’ Story in NaNo #1 – Done, as discussed in my previous post, I’ve been cutting quite a few sections and really trying to justify certain pieces of information. Lots of red pen utilised!

2. Add edits of James’ Story to NaNo #1 Digital Draft file – I’ve managed to type up five pages of the edits made, so not quite all of them. Hopefully I can finish these off this evening, or first thing on Tuesday.

3. Attend meeting with Huddersfield Literature Festival Director to see how I can get involved with next year’s celebrations – We ended up chatting for a little under two hours, and it was great to hear some of the ideas for the 2014 festival and ways I can contribute. We decided I’d be best placed on the committee, helping out with the funding applications that we’ll need to submit so we can put on a great festival. I’m really excited to be a part of it right from the beginning, so I can see the full process of developing and delivering a project like this. 

4. Identify another competition to enter, preferably before end of June – I’ve decided to give the Writing Magazine subscribers competition a go again. This time it’s about Separation and the closing date is the 12th July, so I’ve got a bit of time to pull something together. 

5. Read a book (and write a review for the blog!) – I’m half way through The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I thought it would be a good example of how other authors deal with narrating stories of differing characters throughout the period of their lives. Hopefully, this will help me contextualise my own attempts at narrating the three stories told by characters in my own novel. Not quite ready for the review yet – but I’ll definitely write one when I’m done!


Not the most productive week at actually writing, but hey – I have a real writing desk now! Let’s hope I can improve from here on in though with the new desk to keep me inspired.


To-do List

10th – 16th June

1. Attend Writer’s Reign writing group meeting on Monday evening

2. Complete typing up of edits from James’ Story

3. Explore ideas for the short story on Separation for Writing Magazine

4. Print out another 10 pages to edit from NaNo #1

5. Finish reading The Secret Keeper


6 responses to “This Writer’s Dream Desk

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  2. Oooooo, I LOVE the desk! I’m hoping to get my own new desk soon 😉

    As you can see I’m soooo behind 😦 Hope you made good progress with the to do list honey 🙂


    • No worries about being behind doll – you have good reason! Hope the pitching went well! 🙂 Was thinking of you: looking forward to hearing all about it!

      Get yourself a new desk – you deserve it. It helps with the to-do lists….honest. 🙂

    • Yes, I don’t know why I didn’t just call it a Writing Bureau! After all, that is what it is!

      I’ve always loved them – it’s the possibility of being able to hide away your secrets inside and yet still be able to use it as a practical place to write those secrets down.

      Would love to know the story behind this bureau…Might just have to make one up!

      Hope you’re well. Thanks for providing the correct term for my ‘desk’ 🙂
      Take Care, Cat

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