Aim Low; Achieve High

I’ll be brief this week. Not because I think it’s necessary, but because I don’t have all that much energy left. I’m having a horrendous time with my M.E at the minute and no amount of rest or pacing appears to alleviate the exhaustion, joint pain or mind fog that is currently preventing me from concentrating for a decent period of time.

So, here are the accomplishments of the week: not bad, considering my weekend has been spent mostly in bed:


To-do List Review

10th – 16th June

1. Attend Writer’s Reign writing group meeting on Monday evening – I attended and enjoyed the writer’s group meeting. It’s so convenient to have it just down the road, and the calibre of writing appears to be high.

2. Complete typing up of edits from James’ Story – It took me longer than I anticipated, because I cut quite a few bits and replaced these with paragraphs I felt were more pertinent to the story and that would demonstrate character. 

3. Explore ideas for the short story on Separation for Writing Magazine – I had a think about this topic, and have decided on the format of a love letter. I haven’t yet written anything down, but have a good idea of where I want it to go: something to aim for next week.

4. Print out another 10 pages to edit from NaNo #1 – I haven’t yet printed out all ten pages, but I have a number waiting for me to read and edit. 

5. Finish reading The Secret Keeper As evidenced by my earlier post, I completed this novel and although there was a small blemish that irked me, overall I did enjoy it.


I think it’s safe to say I need to aim low for the next seven days. Focus on something enjoyable and not too taxing. To keep spirits up, these things need to be achievable. I’m already beginning to feel the guilt slipping in because I feel I should be further along in the editing process by now…but these things take time, and they take longer if you’re battling health issues – this I need to accept.


To-do List

17th – 23rd June

1. Attend Writer’s Reign Group meeting on Monday evening

2. Aim to print and edit two sections of James’ Story
(I am specifying ‘sections’ here to mean parts which have natural breaks in the text – an arbitrary 10 pages does not work well)

3. Write a rough draft of the Separation Story for Writing Magazine

4. Start reading another novel
(I have, since finishing The Secret Keeper, completed reading The Humans by Matt Haig. But, I have more waiting on the shelf to be read – so permission must be granted!)

5. Spend a day at the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
(A little reward for the efforts made so far!)

Onward and upward, or at least out of bed would be a good start. I’ll do my best, that’s all we can do.


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