Words of Wisdom from around the Web

Sometimes, writing a blog can be difficult because you just don’t have anything interesting to say. 

That usually doesn’t stop me, mind – but today, having done no writing or editing (instead have been reading, doing errands and lunching with my Mum and Sister) I don’t really have any words – of wisdom or otherwise. 

As a consolation, or rather a reward given the content, I’m referring you on to some of my favourite blogs about writing today. If you haven’t already got these on your favourites list, best get ready to add them!

Kristen Lamb’s Blog
A great blog on Kristen’s own experience as a writer and user of social media. Not only that, but she has a wicked sense of humour. 

Change it up Editing
A blog by Candace Johnson, editor extraordinaire with a background in publishing. If you’re writing anything – short stories, novels, non-fiction – you need to read her very helpful posts on a myriad of editing topics. 

Creative Writing Tips with The Crimson League
Offers just what it promises in the tag line: Creative Writing Tips and Authorial Support from Fantasy Writer Victoria Grefer. Not only does she blog about some really interesting aspects of creative writing, but she uses fun analogies too.
(BTW – I’m currently reading The Crimson League and am really enjoying it.)

Seeking the Write Life
Some really good, solid advice from Aimee L Salter who provides practical tips to improve manuscripts that make good sense. 

Get Me Writing
Some useful articles on various aspects of writing – most recently about abandoning projects: why we do it, how we get back to it and how to know when not to bother. 

And finally, I can’t go without mentioning Vikki Thompson‘s blog – she may have determined that a full-time writer’s life is not for her, but her blog posts about her efforts inspire me and keep me going. She’s a trooper and I’d like to think that I have that in common with her. 

Hope you enjoy your travelling today. Hopefully I’ll have done some work I can write about by the time I’m next due to post!


8 responses to “Words of Wisdom from around the Web

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  2. I’ve just started my first novel and at the research stage at the moment; it’s an historical novel so a lot of research to be done and feeling a little overwhelmed by it to say the least. I was just wondering how much time you spend on your novel and how do you stop yourself getting completely consumed by it? I love reading and found that this is practically non-existent (unless I stop work on the novel) and I also have some self-help writing guides to read but feel I’m wasting time on anything else if I’m not researching. Do you have any tips on how to balance things and stop stressing?

    Thanky you

    • Hi Cath,

      Firstly – congrats on starting your first novel! 🙂 You’ve got loads of fun to look forward to (and plenty of hard work).

      I think you have to be realistic about balancing time when working on a novel – especially if it involves a lot of research. It can totally eat up any time you plan to spend on other aspects of being a writer (which includes reading!).

      As you have identified a core question I think all writers face (especially in the first novel stage when you’re just working it all out!) I would like to commit a whole blog post to it. So, I’ll try and respond to this through my next blog post – due on Saturday. Hopefully I can highlight a few tips and a bit of advice from my own struggles that will help you.

      Thanks for commenting – and for giving me some inspiration for my next post. Hope to see you back – and if you have any other questions I’ll do what I can to help 🙂

      Take Care,

      • Thank you Cat. I am enjoying the research, especially the days I get to visit the actual places and soak up the atmosphere. I’m writing short stories in between to gain some valued experience in writing and editing.

        I look forward to reading your blog, thank you again.


    • Thanks Candace. Yours had to be included as it’s one of the places I go when I’m feeling demotivated or struggling with my work…as are the rest.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and for the compliment. 🙂

    • No problem – it’s always good to have some recommendations when I fail to have anything of my own to share. 🙂
      Hope you enjoy them.
      Thx for stopping by!

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