Brief Soujourn

Must find this!

I’m going on holiday today! In fact, in all probability I will be on my holiday as you read this. I will be basking in the joy of second-hand book-dom in Hay-on-Wye – unfortunately not during the week of the famous Literature Festival. However, this could be a plus as it shouldn’t be quite as crowded!

Like any writer, I will be taking some work with me. My editing schedule did not take account of the fact that I was going to spend five days on the England-Wales border, therefore I need to keep ploughing on ahead with it. Perhaps the tranquil serenity of being trapped in a caravan whilst the rain pours outside will allow me some focused editing time…because yes, the forecast predicts rain. Of course, we’ve just had two blissful weeks of blue sky sunshine so it’s bound to become changeable as I’m off on my jolllies!

If the forecasters are right, I hope to see one of these…

As a result the blog may not be updated as regularly. I am going to try and keep up with things on Twitter: so if you’re interested link up with me on there. I’ll have sporadic internet access, but will try and check in when I can and at least keep up to date with the reading of the many blogs I follow.

Have a good week everyone! 


Just to keep you updated, here’s how I’m doing on my scheduled tasks.

Complete! Typing up of Cecelia’s Story

Progress on Editing of NaNo#1




I finished typing up Cecelia’s Story, three days ahead of schedule. But, got a fair few words to catch up on with the editing of NaNo#1 if I want to stay on the target of having 45,000 words done before the 31st July!


If you’re missing me whilst I’m gone, why not check out one of my past blog posts:


3 responses to “Brief Soujourn

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  2. Have an amazing time! I also must say that your discipline for sticking to your writing goals is very admirable. I hope one day I will be as disciplined.

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