Prevention is better than a cure…unless you’re already sick

prevention and cureRight now I’d love a cure. Unfortunately as I appear to have a virus, this is very unlikely. 

Isn’t it just the way; that when you are excited about getting back to a project, something suddenly presents itself as a barrier. I guess it depends on how much of a priority that project is and what the barrier itself is, as to whether or not you ignore one or the other. 

Well, I can’t really ignore being ill. Yesterday I could hardly get off the sofa. Even today I’m struggling, so this is likely to be a short post. 

Still, it does make me wonder how many of us take sick days as a writer seriously. Because writing is something that we enjoy and can energises us in many ways, I suspect that when unwell we forge on ahead anyway – because it makes us happy. 

Unfortunately, that very action can often result in making our illness worse (most especially if you suffer from M.E. as I do). Thus, on occasion it is advisable to rest before the virus takes us down completely. Or, to try and prevent the virus from taking hold, because – as I said – there is no cure for a virus such as this. In this case, prevention IS the only cure. 

It’s too late for me now. I am struck down and will have to wait until my weakened body puts up enough of a fight, or – more likely – the virus gets bored and leaves…But, let my sickness be a lesson. Remember that prevention is better than a cure and allow yourself some time to rest, some time to relax and let your mind settle. 

We all need sick days now and again. But wouldn’t it be a little easier if we could just have ‘prevention hours’ every so often – isn’t investing an hour to rest on occasion better than losing a whole day of potential writing and editing?


What do you think? Could you allow yourself an hour away from your writing once in a while in order to stay healthy enough to write all day?
Let me know in comments.


4 responses to “Prevention is better than a cure…unless you’re already sick

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  2. So sorry to hear you aren’t well, Cat! My sweetie was just mentioning the other day that he’s worried about how many days I’m working without a real break, and that was a wake-up call for me, especially with flu season right around the corner. We all need to take a break to take care of ourselves, whether that’s an hour to take a walk (and think about writing, no doubt) or an entire day to do something unrelated that’s just plain good for the soul. Hope you’re up and about and back to writing soon!

    • Thanks hon! Am on the mend now I think (I hope)!

      I was very guilty of such behaviour a few years ago before I was diagnosed with ME. Since then I’ve had to totally re-prioritise my life, but for the better. Now I’ve written 2 novels and am being short-listed for short story competitions – but when I’m sick, I’m sick.

      Take some time off yourself doll – you most definitely deserve it! Enjoy your soul-goodness time Candace!

      Cat x

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