What’s your “Writer’s Biography”?

I’ve recently been thinking about my writer’s biography. The information I need to share that explains why I write, who I am and what it is I’m writing. Having nothing yet published I considered it to be quite a fruitless exercise. After all, if I were to try and convince an agent or publisher to represent my work who would take a chance on someone with no track record.

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Who are you as a writer?

But then I widened my parameters. Here’s what I came up with:

  • I write three blog posts a week related to my endeavour to become a published writer. This demonstrates I can meet regular deadlines and I have a small following already interested in my journey.
  • I have two complete first draft novels, the bulk of both written in just 30 days (during NaNoWriMo). This shows that I can commit to finishing my ideas and that I can produce material in a given time frame. 
  • I am active on Twitter, which I use exclusively for interacting with the reading/writing community. This provides me with an initial social media platform to build upon. 
  • I am a committee member of the Huddersfield Literature Festival demonstrating my interest in engaging individuals with the art of the written word and celebrating the impact books can have on the world – in their many forms. 
  • I have been asked to contribute posts for official Manchester Literature Festival events, on their  blog, Chapter and Verse, alongside other bloggers. This shows a commitment to interacting with literature related activities that go on in my local area and making my name known.
  • In August I was short listed for a Writing Magazine competition for a 1,600 word short story.
  • I am member of a local writing group: Writer’s Reign.

I think this does begin to show that I am taking my writing goals seriously and that I have a rounded interest in Literature alongside my own individual endeavour to be published. I’m not just sat in a room writing ferociously and expecting to make it big. I have a general interest in Literature that fuels my love for writing itself.

In addition, such activities – I hope – would appeal to any agent or publisher I might approach in future, because it demonstrates my desire to be an ‘active’ author who wants to interact with readers. Still, I do feel a couple of publication acknowledgements would further add to my biography and speak more to my skill as a writer, rather than just my desire to write.

So, I guess this highlights where I should focus some of my energy in the next few months in order to better flesh out my writer’s biography.


What about your writer’s biography? What would you have to say about the different ways that you contribute to your writing goals?


11 responses to “What’s your “Writer’s Biography”?

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  2. I think this is quite impressive. I have said tons of times and I will say it again, I admire your ability to be consistent. This definitely is a huge plus with this career path.

    • Thanks doll. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m working hard enough, so it pays to take stock now and again.

      Keep up with your own writing – expecting to buy an early copy of your own novel one day soon. 😉
      Take care, Cat x

  3. Hi Cat,
    I’m impressed how much you do and still write. I think it would certainly demonstrate your commitment to writing and your love of literature. How do you feel about including things in your biography that aren’t writing related? I have no publishing credentials either so in my biography I mention the non-writing things I’m interested in too.

    • I think it can be important to demonstrate a healthy and well rounded picture of who you are, so would whole heartedly agree to adding in some non-writing related facts too. For example, if I hadn’t gotten M.E I wouldn’t be writing now, so in this way I view my illness as an element of helping me to fulfil my dream of being a published writer one day, instead of a hindrance that makes it more difficult.

      Good luck with your future submissions – hope you are able to add a few to your writing biography in time too. Thanks for stopping by,
      Cat x

  4. This is a great approach, Cat! I am in a similar boat in that I have not yet submitted my work for publication, but I like your idea of branching out and including other activities! I will keep this in mind, thanks for sharing.

    • Good luck with it all. Hope you manage a balance, I’m beginning to realise my extra- curricular writing activities can be a distraction from writing itself!
      Take care, and thanks for commenting,
      Cat x

  5. I want to have a career as a writer and live off my writing. I’ve been taking classes on how to produce ideas on demand; shortcuts to research for fiction writers. I’m taking one that will identify my weak areas and use that to help decide what else I need to take that will help me best.

    I’m also working on my time management skills — in this case, using my 9-5 job to help me with the areas I’m weak in. I’m tackling those in small steps, since that’s been a very challenging area for me (though I think writing fulltime will be easier schedule-wise than the job is now. The job the way it is may actually be good training for the future in this regard).

    Finally, I’m working on a new novel, a mystery, and I just subbed a short story to a pro-rate magazine. I’m going to write another story and get that out. I’m also branching out in different genres.

    • All sounds very positive Linda! I didn’t even think of mentioning how I juggle my part-time job, my condition and my writing, so thanks for reminding me of that.

      Seems like you’re on the right path. I really like your ‘about me’ page on your blog; gives a real flavour of who you are and why you write the things you do. Great stuff. 🙂

      Keep at it. I’m going to follow your blog to keep an eye on how you’re doing.

      Take Care, and thanks for commenting. 🙂
      Cat x

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