3 Top Tips for NaNoWriMo Preparation

No matter if you’re a planner or pantster you can utilise some of these awesome little tips to help you prepare for the madness that is NaNoWriMo in November. I’ll be posting Sunday Tips from now until the start of the 50,000 word challenge to help give us the best chance of making that winner’s certificate.

1. Make yourself a ‘NaNoWriMo Calendar’ by printing out a monthly template and inputting some inspirational or motivational quotes that will help to cheer you on through the month!

2CA2 Monthly Planner 2013 November

Download a calendar template and insert your own quotes or motivational cheering – then have fun crossing off each successful writing day in November!

2. If you’re a planner, grab yourself a stack of 30 post-it notes and outline the scenes you hope to write on each of the 30 days – then in November, as you write, you can tear them off!

post it scenes.jpg

Each post it contains a brief outline for your intended scenes each day – then once, done, reveal the next day’s work below!

3. Use your mobile phone as a camera to take shots of places you think could be good settings for your scenes. On days when you are really struggling to write anything, go back to the picture and describe what you see to get some extra words down and get you into the flow of writing…

If you end up using one of these ideas to help you prepare for NaNoWriMo, I’d love to hear how you hope it will help you in November: drop me a comment!


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12 responses to “3 Top Tips for NaNoWriMo Preparation

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    • Yep, just make sure you add a 31st post it that says how awesome you are for completing the whole month!
      Good luck with the prep! X

  3. Some nice tips here. I’m particularly drawn to the last two, but I feel as though I will need to have done more planning in order to be able to put them into action! Hey-ho, I suppose that’s what October’s for.

    • He he, planning can be deceptive – in the middle of November one of your characters will inevitably put a kick in the process and the whole ending will change!

      If you want to give yourself even more of a challenge, and you’re leaning towards being a pantster, write out things you need to include in your writing each day:
      Character finds a gun
      Clown enters
      Ninjas appear from nowhere…
      Might make November a lot of fun, and create a very unique novel!
      Thanks for stopping by. X

  4. Great ideas! I like the idea of doing 30 post-it notes – it sounds like it could make for a back-up plan in case you get stuck – if you have 30 post-its you have something to write about every day!

    • Cheers Jennifer – back up plans are always a good idea for NaNo. The hardest part of NaNo for me is deciding what I need to write each day, so this is a tactic I use…although I don’t write all 30 out at once. Typically I start with 5 and then update them as the story flows and my characters change. Still, it means I have a starting points for each day in November!
      Good luck with it. X

  5. These are awesome tips. This will be my tenth NaNo and I just did a post on NaNo planning last week, and I didn’t think of any of these. (I did make a calendar last year but I forgot about it.) I especially love the picture idea, thanks!

    • Thanks Jan – I like your very practical approach to NaNo prep, especially the stocking up of snacks and realignment of our definition of ‘clean’!

      Hope you have fun taking some of the pics, you could even create a montage to add to your desktop for November so you’re immediately drawn into the world of your story when you switch on!
      Good luck with the preparations! X

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