The Joy of Plots Twists and Revelations

I think NaNoWriMo has melted my brain. On the plus side, I’ve hit the 30,000 word marker in my novel. I was concerned that I hadn’t made much progress, but on review of my plot points I realise I’m just where I need to be. I’ve written more words than I thought were needed, but events are unfolding just as I anticipated. It’s surprising, but exciting at the same time. Having just killed off my poor protagonist’s mother, things are about to get much, much worse for her.


This is how I will view my life from now on

I have to admit, I really enjoy writing in plot twists to my stories. Something unexpected that changes the entire atmosphere and forces characters to react, altering their entire world view. That is what is supposed to happen in good fiction, right? It’s just a matter of setting it up sufficiently that the twist is both believable and inevitable.

Sometimes, I write myself into a corner and can’t understand how to escape from it. Then, a few days (or sometimes, hours or even months) later, I’ll have a revelation. It’s almost like being smacked upside the head and I wonder why I didn’t see such an obvious solution before. Except, it’s not so obvious unless you’re already aware of it; like those riddles that, when you know the answer, you can’t understand how no one else can guess it!

I know that this novel is going to exceed 50,000 words, and I really want to get it finished so that I can adequately edit NaNo #1. I’ve already discovered a pretty big alteration to an event that is described in both NaNo #1 and NaNo #3, and I’ll need to revise some of the text in #1 to take into account the differences. As a result, I can’t wait to write the rest – just to see what else might happen. I may have a plan, but as any other writer will know, sometimes your characters like to tell the story themselves…



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