The Lighthouse Award

My blog has been nominated for the Lighthouse Award by the lovely Sarah Findlay, whose own blog you can check out here. I’m not usually one to take part in these, mainly because it becomes an endless repetition of various facts about the blogger and I’m only so interesting…But this one is a little different. For the Lighthouse Award you have to list three ways in which you help others, and like Sarah, I think this is a good exercise in positive thinking and considering the impact we have on the world.

[Update: The lovely H B Slade also nominated me for the Award in early March 2014, therefore in light of said rules, I’ve added her blog link so you can check out her brilliant musings too]

So in true award fashion, here are the rules for the Lighthouse Award:

the-lighthouse-award1  Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
•  Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
•  Share three ways that you like to help others.
•  Nominate as many bloggers as you like.
•  Inform your nominees of their award nominations.
•  Have fun!

First, my other nominations – so picked because I enjoy reading about their experiences:
So you wanna be a writer?
– Blog about Writing
 C B Wentworth’s blog
– Julie Stock – My Writing Life

And now for the fun part…here are three ways I like to help others:

  1. I believe that I’m fairly good at helping people come to their own conclusions. I try not to tell them what to think or what they should do in certain circumstances. I’m a facilitator of education in my day-job and this means guiding young minds to make sense of things that are presented to them. I don’t give them the answers, I try to slowly ask them the questions that will help them find their own answer. Helping people learn and understand new things makes me smile every time it happens. I must be pretty good at it, as I’m still in the same job and I get great feedback from my students.
  2. I try and make time to listen to others. I know a few people that are dealing with difficult times or troubling situations. I do my best to seek them out on occasion and see how they are doing. I don’t force myself in, but I do extend an invitation if they need to talk – even if the subject isn’t the thing I know that’s bothering them. I’d like to believe I’m sensitive to other people’s feelings and circumstances and that I try my best to be there for people to do what I can.
  3. I give regular donations to the Dogs Trust in order to support the work they do for stray and abandoned dogs. I’m a huge dog-lover (as regular readers will be aware I have my own rescue dog) and I can’t bear the thought that these loving, trusting animals are mistreated or just discarded because people don’t understand the simplicity of a dog’s capacity to adore us. So every month a small donation makes its way from my bank account to the Dogs Trust, and sometimes I even make additional donations.

That exercise – to pinpoint three things that I do to help others – was actually much harder than I thought it was going to be. I know that I do like to help others, but in examining my life over the past few months it was difficult to identify some solid examples to demonstrate how I contribute to other people’s lives in a positive way.

I’d definitely recommend that anyone takes a few moments, just to consider their own impact on the world and if it could be defined in a way that helps rather than hinders.


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