That face…


Ignore the slightly green face, and the fact that he rolled in cow dung only four hours after I picked him up from the groomers. But this little bear cub – as I call him – is going for a little op today, so he’ll be a little less dog later today. As a dog owner I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure that no unwanted puppies come into this world. While I’ve rescued two dogs in the past, I chose not to rescue a dog when I bought Hugo as a sixteen week old Westie. This is so I could train him myself as we had to re-home our last rescue because she couldn’t be alone; Hugo’s training has only been somewhat successful though!

Even though he doesn’t always come when called, eats boxes of tissues whenever he can, and rolls in cow muck on occasion, I still adore him! Today’s operation is a routine one, and shouldn’t take long but it’s still a risk, so until I get a call to say everything has gone well my heart will be in my throat.

Published by Cat Lumb

Writer, Writing Coach, and Writing Workshop Facilitator

One thought on “That face…

  1. Good luck.
    If he’s anything like Flash was after his snip, he’ll need a lot of extra love and attention when he returns home.
    Not that I doubt he’ll get it 😉

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