Reading distractions

Reading is my biggest distraction from life. No matter what else is going on around me I fall between the cracks of the words and into the page. I’m known to read books in a single sitting, if I can. Slotting a bookmark into a novel and halting the story, even if I know it cannot continue without me, I find immensely difficult.

This year I’m planning to read at least fifty-two books: that’s one a week, and it seems entirely achievable in my eyes. I’d like to aim for double that, but disappointingly I have a job and responsibilities that need tending to; not to mention a dog to walk.

So far this year I’ve read twenty-one novels meaning I’m ahead of the game. I’ve discovered a really neat way of recording my reads by taking an image of the cover on my mobile and adding it to a ‘Reading 2018’ album. This way not only can I  remember what I’ve read, but it’s easy to refer back to when I want to recommend something to a friend or colleague, as the cover and title usually jog my memory. Plus, it’s a handy way of keeping count given that the number of images equals the number of books read.

Most of my books I’m sourcing at the Library. This way not only am I supporting the local library but it’s a great way to find new reads, and tackle new and existing authors I might be unsure of. That doesn’t stop me buying books, however. I spent over £50 on novels during Huddersfield Literature Festival in March, investing in the authors I met and discovering some amazing stories in the process. Of course, I can’t afford to do this every month, which is why I find local libraries so valuable, not just for me but for those who, otherwise, may have no other means of discovering the joy of getting lost in a good book.

A selection of my reads so far this year.

Published by Cat Lumb

Writer, Writing Coach, and Writing Workshop Facilitator

One thought on “Reading distractions

  1. I really enjoyed this blog I can see so much of myself in it. I try and read 52 books a year Last year it was 65 this year 32 (so far) I put mine on goodreads but the problem with that was not being able to record 3 (2 plays published by Nick Hern books and a collection of short stories by The Mechanics’ Institute Review.
    I agree about using the library it lets you try authors you wouldn’t normally read and in the past I’ve gone on to buy a book I got out of the library first because I enjoyed it so much.

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