Moments of Joy

moments of joy journalFor my birthday a friend gifted me a little book called ‘Good Things are Happening – A Journal for Tiny Moments of Joy’. I have to admit, it’s been the one constant thing I have managed this year – every single day I’ve written in this journal at bedtime, recording those little moments of joy in everyday.

I used to keep a gratitude journal, so it hasn’t been too much effort to switch into thinking about a moment or three in my day when I’ve felt joy. What it has altered is my ability to appreciate and feel the joy during the day. Now I’m actively looking out for moments that I could include in my journal and I’m finding more than just three to choose from. What’s really interesting is that the moments are often repeated: walking in the country park with Hugo, laughing with my other half, talking to a friend…small actions we might usually take for granted have become my new normal, and it’s slowly changing my whole attitude to my everyday. I’m much more mindful about taking these little moments and appreciating them, instead of dismissing or ignoring them and ending the day somewhat dissatisfied because I’ve been focusing on the wrong things. In short, it’s made me a happier person I think.

One of today’s simple moments of joy will certainly be hearing Hugo’s thundering gallop behind me as he runs to catch up on our walks, given that he’s been on lead-walks for the last ten days after his castration op! Such a wonderful sound to hear him tearing past me and see the joy on his little face.

What would your moments of joy be today?

Published by Cat Lumb

Writer, Writing Coach, and Writing Workshop Facilitator

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