Could you be average?

I never wanted to be average and I hate the word “routine”. I used to get itchy and uncomfortable whenever I felt life was becoming ‘ordinary’. I’m a little less concerned by the words themselves now. I’m living the life that makes me happy.

It’s likely that no two lives look the same, so what is average anyway? For many the fact I’m living my life the way I am, whilst managing two disabilities already makes me pretty extraordinary. We can cast judgment about our own lifestyle and routines as much as we like, but when it comes to others we have no idea of the challenges being overcome behind closed doors. Perhaps this is what makes each of unique; comparability then is a pointless activity.

I also try and follow the suggestions in this handy lifehack infographic. Some great tips in there…

Published by Cat Lumb

Writer, Writing Coach, and Writing Workshop Facilitator

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