Publication Day: The Memorial Tree and other short stories

It’s finally arrived; after three months of debating and editing and proofreading The Memorial Tree and other short stories is now available to purchase over at Amazon! It’s odd to think that at the end of March I was halfheartedly planning a search for further agents to whom I could send out my novel, and here I am today with a collection of short stories published by my own hand (and the help of kindle direct publishing).

The collection is technically the result of a challenge: I was on a consultation with a productivity coach and, as I spoke about my writing and desire to return to it after a break, she asked why I hadn’t self-published anything. I honestly couldn’t think of a reason why not, outside of fear – which is never a good reason not to do something! So we set it as a goal for Quarter Two – Publish an Ebook of my short stories – and here it is.


Publishing it, however, appears to have been the easy bit.

Now I have to publicise it; so I can make it known to the world and share these stories with as many readers as I can. This does not come naturally, as I’m sure many authors would admit – after all, we chose writing as a solitary pursuit, spending time with imaginary people rather than real ones. But if my writing career is going to be a successful one then promoting that which I write must be a part of it.

So, here’s five reasons why you should read The Memorial Tree and other short stories

  1. Because if you love stories, you will find seven of them in this collection all exploring loss and what it means
  2. Each story captures a moment, a particular feeling, or a realisation that – I hope – will make you reflect on life and leave you with a sense of introspection 
  3. It’s only £1.99 – less than a cup of coffee in a cafe!
  4. At least one of the stories will capture your emotions and move you 
  5. You’d like to support me as a writer in living my dream

So, are you convinced?

cover art edit amazon mod

Buy The Memorial Tree and other short stories


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Plus you’ll get the chance to win FREE copies of my Ebook and additional material – just like lucky subscriber Alan Gaskell who recently won my subscriber competition for a copy of The Memorial Tree and other short stories.

Published by Cat Lumb

Writer, Writing Coach, and Writing Workshop Facilitator

2 thoughts on “Publication Day: The Memorial Tree and other short stories

    1. Thanks Candace, I really hope you enjoy it! I know you have fabulous taste in books so a positive review from you would be more than welcome. 🙂 Happy reading!

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