What wouldn’t you give up…?

Despite the tough times that we’re all going through at the moment, I was reminded earlier today that I wouldn’t give up my opportunity to write – my love of writing – for anything else I could have in the world.

give up writingI remember that I used to see people moving into their new houses and wistfully think: ‘I wish I had a house of my own to move into’. But rereading an old journal entry recently, I wrote about that old saying ‘What I wouldn’t do for...’ and it must have prompted this particular musing:
What would I give up if I could buy my own house?

Actually, it turned out at the time: not much. I was more content that I realised – and it’s been therapeutic to go back and relive that desire for a home, weighed up against the quality of my life as a renter. But interestingly, there was one thing on the list that made me instantly stop the game I’d started in my mind; the idea of giving up my writing.

If someone said to me: “If you give up writing you can have £100,000.” I couldn’t take it. I LOVE writing – it’s my saviour when I want to escape my reality, and it’s something I enjoy more than most other things. I’ve always turned to writing – fiction especially – when life was challenging. 

And life has been challenging over the past decade: Living with two chronic illnesses, having things that I can do while fatigued and in pain is often a life-saver. Imagining stories, creating characters, translating them to the page, and seeing how other people read them is fascinating to me. And, even if the offer on the table was: “If you give up writing, you can magically be healthy.” I still wouldn’t do it. I don’t think there’s anything anyone could offer me that would make that a good deal.

If you’re ever at a stage where you think that writing isn’t important to you, ask yourself: What would make you give up writing?
You might find some of the answers quite revealing… 

What, if anything, would make you give up your writing?
Or, like me, can you never imagine being able to sacrifice it at all?

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Published by Cat Lumb

Writer, Writing Coach, and Writing Workshop Facilitator

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