A Story a Day 2013

Here’s an archive of my Story a Day in May pieces for 2013. Rather than posting them as individual blog posts I updated this page with a link to each story I write during the month of May. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to thirty-one thanks to illness, but I wouldn’t have written half as much in May 2013 if it hadn’t been for the Story a Day challenge!

I should also admit that these are all first draft versions – so apologies for any typos or spelling mistakes or other story faux pas!


22nd May

21st May
On-Set, Action

20th May
The Lattice of Time

19th May

18th May
The gun on the mantle

17th May
Incy Wincy Spider…

16th May

15th May
Drawing the Line

14th May
To Read is To Live

13th May

12th May
Story written as part of ME Awareness Day
Making Effort (or M.E.)

11th May
The Last Remembering

10th May
No Words

9th May
Do you believe?

8th May –
Ode to Hemingway

7th May –
So Close…

6th May –

5th May –
The Execution

4th May –

3rd May –
The Woman

2nd May –

1st May –
Red Roses and Painted Nails