How do you ‘make’ time to write?

One of the most common reasons I see aspiring writers give as to why they are still ‘aspiring’ and not yet ‘writers’ is that they don’t have time to write. I said this for many years. I still say it on occasion. I spend some days thinking ‘I need to make time to edit theContinue reading “How do you ‘make’ time to write?”

Writing as a Business

In my previous post I wrote about following your dreams. What a lot of writers are faced with when deciding that they want to become an author of published work is that following this dream means accepting that writing is actually a business. In order to have work published there has to be involvement withContinue reading “Writing as a Business”

Past, Present and Future Selves…

Do you ever look back on the person you once were and acknowledge just how far you’ve come? Three years ago if my laptop had died on me in the middle of a job application I would have reacted with frustration and fury, and riled against the world and how unfairly it treated me –Continue reading “Past, Present and Future Selves…”