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Hi, I’m Cat – Writer of Fiction, and The Write Catalyst for Aspiring Authors! And that mischievous little fur ball is Hugo The Destroyer – my Westie!

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New Goal: Kindle Top 100

Okay, I’m going to be honest here. Last year when I quit my job to become a writer and writing coach, and then I re-read the Spy Thriller that I wrote for fun in 2016 – I never expected to publish it. But here we are. It’s out there on Amazon Kindle for a reasonable…

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A Character’s ‘until’ moment…

Characters. Love them or hate them, they are essential to any good story.Some writers start with them, and find an intriguing individual to cast as their main player to whom everything will happen. Others create a scenario and design the perfect stooge for their trap. Me, I’m a big fan of combining these and imagining a…

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How to Balance Writing Time

Every writer will have their own writing routine arising from personal writing goals and what they believe they are capable of in any given time frame. I think we all have our peaks and troughs – sometimes we race on ahead and surprise ourselves with our enthusiasm for the novel we are working on, whilst…

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