Below you will find a brief outline of each of the novels I have written so far. I would say that my usual genre is commercial fiction, but that hasn’t stopped me from experimenting with other types! Not all of them are yet ready to be published, but when they are I will be updating their statuses accordingly.

This is my first novel; the one that just wont let me go.

TWILIL 2Doctor Chris Wright does everything he can to help his patients and it might cost him his marriage. When young Madeline Tailor arrives declaring that she deserves to die Chris decides to find people from her past to prove that it’s not true. But the closer he gets to discovering the secrets of Madeline’s  scandalous life the more his own spirals out of control.

Status: On submission to agents

A follow up to That which is left is lost, this contemporary fiction novel deals with how people respond to change.
Rachel has the diaries of her recently deceased birth-mother, Madeline, and is desperate to find out why she was given up as a newborn. She’s also got a whole new family on her birth-father’s side, but will she be accepted or are they using her to save their youngest daughter?

Status: First Draft complete.

This is my first attempt at Young Adult Fantasy.

The Weather WarsTishtar can make it rain. Her twin Kyra can make the sun shine. But they can’t control their powers and the temple they grew up in cannot teach them. On hearing there are more weather controlling twins in the world, Tishtar sets out to find them, leaving behind a sister who wants to be worshipped.

Status: First Draft Complete.

As a challenge from my writing group I wrote a Spy Thriller!

Novel 4Liz Abbott used to be a covert agent. She spent years reeling in the dangerous criminal who was her mark but when the time came to hand him in things got complicated. Now she’s trying to live a normal life, yet when her mark escapes prison she’s the one he targets. With her sister and niece caught in the crossfire, can Liz convince the man she betrayed to love her enough to let her go?

Status: First Draft complete.