Short Stories

I’m pleased to present a collection of my short stories on the theme of loss and remembrance called The Memorial Tree and other short storiesThis collection of seven short stories was published on Amazon and is currently priced at £1.99. The stories within all examine what loss might be and how it impacts our lives, and includes the first story I had published which appeared in Women’s Weekly in 2015.


Below I’ve also listed a selection of short stories that I have written to give you a preview of my writing style and, hopefully, entertain you for a little while!

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Stories on the theme of loss and remembrance:

No Words

The Woman


Written in homage to Chekhov:

The gun on the mantle

Written in homage to the creator of ‘micro-fiction’:

Ode to Hemingway

For all those who shiver at our eight-legged friends:

Incy Wincy Spider…

A short story written as part of ME Awareness Day (12th May)

Making Effort (or M.E.)