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As The Write Catalyst I offer support and motivation to help aspiring authors write ‘that’ novel and escape the ‘Excuses Trap’ that stops them from writing!

The ‘Excuses Trap’
This is the cycle that starts at fear, leads to procrastination, and then turns into guilt that you aren’t making the progress you hoped. So, you end up avoiding the writing all together, which is no way to get that novel from your creative mind onto the page!

So let me help you turn that fear into confidence; procrastination into action; and instead of guilt and avoidance, let’s make sure you come to your writing with joy and focus!

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I can offer you personalised support through a package of different offers that range from a 1hr deep-dive session to create a plan to escape your own writer’s ‘Excuses Trap’, to a full 90-day commitment to writing that novel you dream of! 

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